Zawirowania Dance Theatre at the Attakalari Biennal 2017

organised by the Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts

Date: 8th February 2017
Time: 8:45 pm
Venue: Ranga Shankara Theatre, 8th Cross Road, JP Nagar, 2nd Phase, Bengaluru – 560078

The Zawirowania Dance Theatre will perform their play Closeness during the Attakalari India Biennial 2017.

Closeness is the result of the cooperation between the dancers of the Zawirowania Dance Theatre and Slovak choreographer Tomáš Nepšinský. The starting point of the performance is the question: when you are involved in a relationship with someone, are you actually with him/her or only with the idea that you have about your partner? The poetic images show how relationships get distorted under the influence of time. A man is confronted with the image of ‘masculinity’ that a woman had created.

The Zawirowania Dance Theatre was founded in 2004 and was the first repertory dance theatre in Warsaw. The group creates performances that aim at showing emotions through movement. Zawirowania have so far performed abroad among others in Budapest, Prague, Madrid, Vitebsk, Odessa, on Crete and in many other countries. The theatre takes part in educational activity – there have been yearlong workshops organized by company that sometimes end with performance made by their young participants. The theatre consists of a group of talented contemporary dancers, whose phenomenal style creates the unique brand of the company. Each year the theatre works on new premieres, in 2004 the theatre presented ‘Przytul mnie’, in 2005 ‘Jeśli kochasz, zabij’, in 2006 ‘W stronę światła’, in 2006 ‘Po godzinach’, in 2007 ‘Nic tylko błękit’, in 2008 ‘Chopin ambiente’, in 2009 ‘Innocent when you dream’, in 2010 ‘Fuera de campo’, in 2011 ‘Zbliżenia’- Closeness, in 2015 “Wybieg”, in 2015 “HA-E – the absence of yes”, in 2016 “Where should we go?”.

Important part of Theatre activity is the annual organization of the international Zawirowania Dance Theatre Festival. The festival started in 2004 and each year present spectacles from the whole world. There also are workshops conducted for dance fans who are a lot in Poland. It happen that the effect of the international integration are common artistic projects between various groups.