Youth of Delhi University enthralled by Polish cinema

Swati Paul from the Polish Institute New Delhi (left of centre), film director Anandana Kapur (centre), Head of Department of Slavonic & Finno-Ugrian Studies, University of Delhi, Dr. Neelakshi Suryanarayan (right of centre) and students at the screening of Polish film at Little Europe – 2018 film festival

The Polish Institute New Delhi, on 2nd November 2018, facilitated the screening of movie “See You Tomorrow”, at the Faculty of Arts, North Campus, University of Delhi as part of the Little Europe – 2018 “Coming of Age” Film Festival.

See You Tomorrow is considered to be one of the finest cinematic expressions from Poland – a cinematic style and form that experts like to term as the ‘Polish New Wave’. Drawing inspiration from the French New Wave (La Nouvelle Vague), the film is a psychological drama that represents the aspirations and emotions of the existential Polish youth of the 1950s. Revolving around the concept of the flâneur-flaneuse perspectives (depicted by actor Zbigniew Cybulski and actress Teresa Tuszynska respectively), the film portrays the highs and lows of a young love that cannot be saved.

The film screening enthralled the young students of the University of Delhi. In a post-screening workshop, led by noted filmmaker Anandana Kapur, the students undertook a discussion-based exercise to gain a comprehensive understanding of the techniques and themes of Polish cinema, the depiction of multi-layered characters, the use of analogies and symbolism, as well as musical notes and satire to explicate the complexities of human nature.

The students’ intellectual interactions at the screening event reinstated the fact that Polish cinema is intriguing, unique and world-class, and it is very successful in inspiring the youth to think and express ideas boldly and imaginatively.