Three Kings Day celebrations in Poland

On 6th January, the Feast of Three Kings (Epiphany) is celebrated in Poland to commemorate the three Biblical Kings (Kaspar, Melchior and Balthasar) who visited the new born Jesus in Bethlehem. They came with their offerings, myrrh, gold and frankincense which were very precious items in those days.

On this day, we can see colorful parades all over Poland with the costumed characters of the Three Kings offering candies, sweets and other gifts to the especially to children, with Christmas carols sung everywhere. In churches, pieces of chalk are blessed and afterwards the Catholics mark initials of the three kings on their front doors (K+M+B). Usually the letters are followed by the current year. Many families bake cakes with an almond inside. Whoever finds the almond in their slice of cake is named as a king or queen of almond which makes him or her happy throughout the whole year.