”See You Tomorrow” at Little Europe – 2018 ‘Coming of Age’ Film Festival

“See You Tomorrow”, dir. Janusz Morgenstern, © Kadr Film Studio 1960

2nd November, 2018 (Friday)
1:30 PM
1st Floor, Room No. 30, A. V. Room, Tutorial Building, Faculty of Arts, North Campus, University of Delhi

“See You Tomorrow” is a psychological drama. It is one of the first reflections of the French “new wave” cinema in Poland. The film is an adaptation of Zbigniew Cybulski’s novella of the same title. It is the story of a romantic meeting between a Polish student and the daughter of a foreign diplomat. He introduces her to his world; she stops inside just for a moment before she leaves. The story of a love of two young people, who cannot save their young love due to their immaturity. The movie is a subtle vision of existential youth of the 50s, full of sentimental warmth.