Screening of Bracia (Brothers) at the DIFF 2016

Wojciech Staroń’s award-winning documentary Bracia (Brothers) was screened at the 2016 edition of the Dharamshala International Film Festival this year.

‘Bracia’ is a moving documentary about two brothers with contrasting personalities who, after decades of exile in the erstwhile Soviet Union, are trying to lead a normal life in a small village in the north of Poland. Both men are in their 90s and with no one to depend on except for each other; the documentary explores a story of brotherly love like no other.


After 80 years of exile, two brothers come back to Poland from Kazakhstan to rebuild their lives. One of them is a painter and a dreamer, the other one – a pragmatic engineer. They face many obstacles while adapting to the new environs and people. Will they survive the unexpected challenges in store?