Polish artist Olek (Agata Oleksiak) once again delights with her imaginative artwork. Her crocheted installation transformed a night shelter in New Delhi’s Sarai Kale Khan neighborhood beyond recognition.

On the invitation of the Polish Institute in India, Agata Oleksiak (Olek) participated in the second edition of the month-long St+art Delhi Festival which commenced on 28 February 2015. The Festival, which is organized the St+Art India Foundation, had as one of its highlights her unique and innovative crochet work which covered a night shelter in Sarai Kale Khan, a historic locality in south Delhi. Prior to the event Agata Oleksiak conducted workshops to share her crocheting technique with members of the local community. The project witnessed the participation of over 60 women volunteers, who under the artist’s lead, prepared the elements of the installation over a period of three weeks . Over 90 km of yarn and fabric were used to bring the project to life, the aim of which was to draw attention to the temporary homeless shelters governed by the city’s Urban Shelter Improvement Board, as also to focus on ways to improve the situation of Delhi’s homeless population. Engaging mostly women volunteers, the project underscored the importance of respecting women’s rights, and their often overlooked but invaluable contribution to everyday household activities. Under Agata Oleksiak’s supervision, these women succeeded in turning the building into a bright, enticing piece of art.
Previous editions of the St+Art Festival held in Mumbai and New Delhi have seen the participation of Polish artists Mariusz Waras/M-City and Seikon, thanks to the support of the Polish Institute based in New Delhi.
Photo: Pranav Mehta/ St+Art India Foundation