Polish Animation Day at the Chitrakatha’15 festival in Ahmedabad

The 5th edition of the international student animation festival Chitrakatha’15 organized by National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad will take place from 14th to 18th October 2015. Festival artistically directed by Sekhar Mukherjee, Senior Faculty of Communication Design at the NID, aims to presents original animation and its programme will include workshops, screenings and presentations.
Professors of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland (Przemysław Adamski and Jakub Wróblewski) together with two students of the Academy have been invited to actively participate in Chitrakatha’15.
“One of the most notable programme of this event along with Norman McLaren birth centenary celebration, is the Polish Animation Day. This will be a collaborative workshop between Academy of Fine Arts and NID professors and students conducting an Experimental Stop motion workshop where they will be exploring the old city of Ahmedabad through eye of the camera frame by frame. The aim of this workshop is to blur the line between animation and cinema. Apart from this thought provoking hands on workshop there will be presentation and screening of both the Polish experts’ work as part of Chitrakatha’15 program which are scheduled on 16 October 2015 at 6 and 7 pm respectively. This screening will give our audience an inside take of Polish Animation of many kinds. This is the stepping stone for a further co-creation and collaboration between two schools to grow with.”-Prof. Sekhar Mukherjee, Senior faculty, Festival Director, Chitrakatha.
An Experimental Stop motion workshop will take place from 14-16th of October.
For more information on the festival, its programme and registration please, visit: http://www.nid.edu/chitrakatha/