“Poland in the 21st Century” – Prof. Piotr Kłodkowski’s lecture at BCIS, Sri Lanka

On 19th December 2018, Prof. Piotr Kłodkowski Former Ambassador of Poland to India presented a talk on the topic “Poland in the 21st Century: Opportunities and Threats for the Central European Nation” at the Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies (BCIS), Colombo, Sri Lanka for the latter’s LQA (Lecture, Question and Answer) series.

Prof. Piotr Kłodkowski at BCIS, Sri Lanka

In his talk, Prof. Kłodkowski presented to the audience an overarching view of Poland. Besides outlining Poland’s history and its struggle for as well as significance of the 100th anniversary of the country regaining independence on 11.11.2018, he also shared a portfolio of the country. The latter included interesting facts on Poland’s growing economic strength in the context of the current socio-political scenario of the country. The lecture, at length, discussed Poland’s national interests, the highlights of its foreign policy and its position within the international relations’ framework.

Mrs. Pamela J. Deen, Former of Sri Lanka to Poland, and C.A.H.M. Wijeratne, Current Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Poland among the audience at Prof. Kłodkowski’s lecture

Additionally, Prof. Kłodkowski’s lecture outlined Poland-Sri Lanka’s bilateral ties and his interpretations of the vision these countries have towards strengthening their relationship. According to Prof. Kłodkowski the major impetus is on boosting economic cooperation and trade ties, while not losing sight of the people-to-people connect between the two nations.

Prof. Kłodkowski receiving a souvenir from Mr. George Cooke, Deputy Director, BCIS, Sri Lanka

His lecture was well received by the audience that included the Former and Current Ambassadors of Sri Lanka to Poland viz. Mrs. Pamela J. Deen and C.A.H.M. Wijeratne, respectively.