Performance by Polish band Trebunie-Tutki at the First International Folk Dance & Music Festival 2014

• 14th October 2014
Kamani Auditorium, 1 Copernicus Marg, New Delhi 110001
• 15th October, Ahmadabad, Gujarat

The Polish Institute is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations in bringing to India one of Poland’s best known folk musical groups, Trebunie-Tutki. Originating from Biały Dunajec near the southern Polish resort town of Zakopane, Trebunie-Tutki is a family of musicians consisting of Władysław Trebunia-Tutki (violin & vocals), his son Krzysztof (violin & vocals) and daughter Anna (base & vocals).
The group is faithful to the regional Highlander style, using traditional instruments, texts and melodies to describe the contemporary life of the Highlanders. Original instruments play a very important role here: shepherds’ flutes and pipes, koza – a local bagpipe, róg – the wooden horn, sheep bells, basy – three-stringed Podhale fiddle bass, and traditional wyskanie – glissando of the woman’s voice, shepherds’ calls and whistling. Essentially, Trebunie-Tutki is the modern interpretation of traditional, folk music from the Polish highlands. Collaborations with a variety of artists has brought mainstream success for the group, in particular through the joint record they released with the Jamaican reggae band Twinkle Brothers, in which the two groups combine traditional mountain music of the Polish górale with reggae.
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