Paweł Althamer and the Neighbours: Sculptural Congress

Seminar by Paweł Althamer in Sylhet

20-28 February 2017
Srihatta – Samdani Sculpture Park and Art Centre
Protisruti (the Promise), Drug Rehabilitation Centre

Paweł Althamer, the renowned Polish sculptor and performance artist, along with his ‘Neighbours’ – members of his local community in Bródno, Warsaw – conducted 7 days of workshops for patients of Pratisruti –The Promise – the Institute of Drug Rehabilitation, leading to the creation of a communal work of art.

As a part of the seminar, Paweł along with his local partners transformed the area adjacent to the Tila hill in Sylhet into an open art gallery and workshop.

Paweł’s inspiration for the project came from the shape of the “Tila” hill on the Samdani estate; it is here that he proposed to create a huge free-standing bamboo human figure. The shape of the figure stands out through the bamboo construction. This construction, empty inside, is able to function as a shelter, where local craft can be exhibited and the people from the neighbourhood will be invited to adapt the space.

About the artist

Born in Warsaw in 1967, Paweł Althamer is a Polish sculptor and performance artist. He studied under the renowned sculptor Grzegorz Kowalski at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Since graduating in 1993, Althamer has established a body of work centered on portraits of himself as well as friends and family members depicted by haunting, life-size figures. The sculptures often contain materials that are familiar yet disturbing – such as animal intestines, hay, leather, human hair, and resin – prompting viewers to reassess their own role in art’s origination.