‘Nuptial’.  An exhibition by Polish photographer Martushka Fromeast and Mukesh Khugsal. Partnering event of Delhi Photo Festival 2015.

Exhibition dates: 29 October – 12 November 2015
Timings: Mon- Fri, 9 am – 5 pm (by appointment only)
Venue: Polish Institute, 67 Jor Bagh, New Delhi 110003

To arrange an appointment please send an email to delhi@instytutpolski.org or call +91 1143521815

The exhibition ‘Nuptial’ curated by Ula Kahul comprises of documentary pictures that commemorate rituals on Nanda Devi, the Bliss-giving Goddess of Uttarakhand believed to be the consort of Lord Shiva.

‘The water and incense are in my hand, The golden platter is in my hand. Tell me, who is her groom? To who should I give this dust-water dower? The one who stands with the writhing snakes, He is the one; your daughter groom. I shan’t give my daughter, your snakes will bite her. The welcoming light is in my hand; To whom shall I give this dust-water dower? The one who is wearing leopard skin, He is the one; your daughter’s groom. My girl will be frightened; I shant’s give my daughter. The golden platter is still in my hand; To whom shall I give this dust-water dower? The one who is wearing a garment of snakes; To him you must give the dust-water dower’- (traditional song from Uttarakhand written down and translated into English by William Sax)


Martushka Fromeast is a Polish photographer currently based in New Delhi, India. She is interested in storytelling as a collaborative phenomenon. Her projects are based on the process of interactions. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, Poland, as well as from the Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts and Design in London. Having worked for several years as a photojournalist, Martushka has covered stories of national identity and economic changes in Poland, Ukraine, Russia and the Turkish part of Kurdistan. In 2004 she founded the Click Academy, an art group that uses pinhole photography as a means of social change. Since 2005 she has worked with Romani people in Eastern Europe, visited and documented their settlements as well as run a community project, Romani Click, which was a voice in the discourse on the approach to education of Roma and was exhibited internationally at the Austrian Parliament in Vienna and at 2nd Roma Pavilion during the Venice International Arts Biennale. She is currently working on long term project called ‘Stories from Himalayas’.

Mukesh Khugsal has a passion and deep knowledge of Uttarakhandi Himalayan culture and tradition. He was the head of photography for ‘Rajula’, the first full time mainstream movie set in the Uttarakhand Himalayas. He has also worked as the head of production on the movie ‘Aas’,  which was awarded with Best Audience Choice Award during the Delhi International Film Festival in 2013.


Ula Kahul is an artist and curator with an interdisciplinary background in global studies and cultural anthropology. Having turned her focus towards visual storytelling, her interests revolve around documentation and narration. She is equally keen to explore stories of social importance, as well as more intimate personal narratives.