Music that creates memories!

“Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories.” – Stevie Wonder.

The Polish Institute New Delhi organised a musical concert on 20th December 2018 at the India Habitat Centre. The concert featuring Polish artists Katarzyna Chęsy, Tomasz Pająk and Phillippe Engel enveloped the Capital’s chilly weather with its melodious warmth.

The nightingale brightens the scene with her smile, while the musicians create magic on their instruments

It was as evening that broke all myths regarding cross-cultural communications as friendly bonds emerged between the Polish community in New Delhi and the Indian enthusiasts of Polish culture, thanks to Katarzyna’s mesmerizing voice and soothing music created by the talented duo of Tomasz on fiddle and Phillippe on piano.

Melodious moments with Tomasz Pająk (on fiddle), Katarzyna Chęsy and Phillippe Engel (on piano)

Lost in timelessness with Katarzyna’s mellifluous voice

The event presented Polish Christmas Carols, songs of famous Polish singer Anna German and soulful Operas, all of which delighted the audience to the core. The beautiful recollections from the evening still warm-up the hearts of those who experienced some of the finest Polish music.

The artists’ smiles convey, “Your love is our reward!”