Mesmerizing mural by Polish street artist NeSpoon in New Delhi

Murals and publicart have a certain charisma to them. Not only do they enliven the dull environs of a city/ space, but also brighten the spirits of those who look at them. They inspire and regenerate one’s creativity, and at the same time they bring together communities. Here are few glimpses of the colorful mural in Block 15 of Lodhi Colony, New Delhi created by Polish street artist NeSpoon. The mural is among the colorful and thoughtful presentations of international artists participating in the 2019 LodhiArtFestival.

Artist NeSpoon’s mural depicting complex lace patterns

The creation of a masterpeice, one stroke at a time

NeSpoon’s mural casts a spell on onlookers, attracting them to the intricate and vibrant world of both Indian and Polish motifs, lace embroideries and doilies. The mural will be inaugurated on 8th March 2019 at 5 PM as part of a special project, which acknowledges ‘women empowerment’ through cultural initiatives to observe the International Women’s Day 2019. The project is supported by the European Union.

What feelings do these patterns invoke in you?

NeSpoon uses a mix of street art, pottery, paintings, sculpture and jewellery to create her own unique brand of lace art. In fact, she is on a mission to embroider the world by using intricate doily patterns. She beautifies abandoned and unadorned spaces in unlikely urban jungles, transforming them into stunning works of art! Her process is based on an almost forgotten tradition of doily making, but NeSpoon has managed to take this humble domestic trait, and successfully apply it in the streets (and on a much larger scale), giving the practice new possibilities, and new life. From lace murals and etched images to 3D lace installations perfectly attached to everyday things.

Always working with respect for the spot and the local context, NeSpoon finds her inspiration in the local textile traditions. By choosing an art form associated with women, she celebrates its femininity and harmony it creates. As part of the project in India, NeSpoon created the distinctive mural in collaboration with women from Insha-e-Noor – a women’s livelihoods initiative supported by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture.

Generating a buzz at Block 15 of ‘Lodhi Art District’