Mesmerizing Accordion Performance by the Bayan Brothers

Few evenings are as special as the one at the Bayan Brothers music concert on 1st December 2018 at India Habitat Centre. Founded in 2007 by Łukasz Mirek and Mateusz Doniec, the band Bayan Brothers has been focusing on promoting Polish music, especially accordion music, world over. However, the band does not limit the use of this instrument to one style only. In 2014, Mateusz was replaced by Aleksander Jakubów.

Striking a pose, Bayan Brothers, Łukasz Michał Mirek (left) and Aleksander Jakubów (right) along with Małgorzata Tańska, Director, Polish Institute New Delhi (centre)

At the event conducted by the Polish Institute New Delhi, audiences were moved beyond words, while experiencing an amazing performance by the two artists. Bayan Brothers presented with finesse some interesting improvisations on the use of accordion by using the musical instrument to play different genres of music – Classic, Tango, Jazz, and World Music.

Aleksander in sync with with his comrad-in-music, Łukasz

Both Łukasz and Aleksander believe they have been able to hone their ability to creatively improvise accordion music due to the rich experiences gained on their travels, across the globe, in which they have experimented fusing regional tunes to their music. The Bayan Brothers have performed extensively across Indonesia, France, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia, and Tunisia. Additionally, the musicians also play in collaboration with other bands, and have participated in several festivals across Peru, China, and India.

Łukasz describing to the audience, the essence of their Polish music

Thanks to all these experiences, and delighted by the warmth received in India, the accordion duo gave a stellar performance on 1st December’s evening. Inarguably, it was an evening that left audience wanting more from the talented artists, who just love to perform in India.

An all attentive audience