Maria Pomianowska India Tour with Ustad Kamal Sabri

India Tour accompanied by Pawel Betley, Poland (Flute) and Rafiuddin, India (Tabla)

When the Masters Meet: Prof. Maria Pomianowska, Poland (Suka) in concert with Ustad Kamal Sabri, India (Sarangi)

12-18 February, multiple-city tour

Maria Pomianowska is an instrumentalist, vocalist and promoter of traditional music. She
graduated from the Chopin Academy of Music in Poland (cello), and is currently professor at the Academy of Music in Cracow. She is also the artistic director of the Cross Culture Festival in Warsaw, one of the largest World Music festivals in Poland.

As a student at the Academy, she was granted scholarship to learn sarangi under the guidance of maestro P.Ram Narayan in India. Her artistic interests are marked by different musical systems and forms. Since 1984 she has been studying unique techniques of playing Asian instruments. Between 1993-96 she conducted the Non-European Music Section at Chopin Academy of Music, aside from giving courses at the Musicology Institute, Warsaw University, which portrays the connections and differences between various musical systems. She reconstructed two Polish forgotten instruments: suka from Bilgoraj and fiddle from Plock. In 2000 drawing from her rich Asian experiences she composed pieces, which were ordered by famous cellist YoYoMa. In 2010, she released Chopin on 5 continents. Maria Pomianowska and Friends, with unique arrangements of Chopin’s masterpieces written for ethnic instruments from all over the world. The album went on to register in the top five albums in World Music Charts Europe. In 2010 she opened the first Polish Ethnic Music Department at the Academy of Music in Cracow.

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