JyothiMenon Lock on Bridge Tumski


A story of how love endures through time and trouble, this novel begins with German Breslau being made into Polish Wroclaw in the aftermath of World War II. Peter Adler and Lena Katzer fall madly in love during their university days. Torn apart by World War II, they are stranded on opposite sides of the world – Peter remains in Wroclaw, while Lena, after facing many vicissitudes, ends up in Cochin, Kerala, in India. They lose touch, despite searching desperately for each other, but Peter suddenly receives a letter, thirty-two years later, and hope is rekindled.
New Delhi: Helios Books, 2014
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About the author:
JyothiMenon works for an international bank.On one of her business trips back in April 2012, she stayed in Wroclaw. Introduced by Mateusz Kornacki, the founder of What’s up Wroclaw, to the rich heritage of the city and enthralled with the concept of the locks on the bridge over River Oder and recounted by several anecdotes of how people who had left German Breslau during the Second World War came back later to Polish Wroclaw to relive their memories and find their near and dear ones, she found the inspiration for her novel.
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