JINDOBREY INDIA (Namaste India). A documentary film on Polish refugees of Valivade, India

Photo: Andrzej Chendyński, Valivade Polish survivor

Telecast on DOORDARSHAN – NATIONAL CHANNEL: 1st of August 2015, 8.30 PM, (28 min)
Repeat telecast on DOORDARSHAN NATIONAL CHANNEL: 2nd August 2015, 5.30 PM (28 min)

In 1939, Germany and Soviet Union invaded Poland, a country in Europe that was till then enjoying freedom and democracy. This was the beginning of Second World War. Women, children and the elderly, who were evacuated from the Soviet Union, had no country and no home to return to, as Poland was yet awaiting freedom.
On request from Polish Government which was in exile, India was one of the first countries to welcome these Polish refugees, when it itself was struggling for Independence.
While Jam Saheb, the Maharaja of Nawanagar in Gujarat offered homes to about 1000 Polish children, it was in Valivade, 4 kms east of Kolhapur in the State of Maharashtra, which became home of about 5000 Polish refugees, mostly women and children, from 1943 – 1948.
JINDOBREY INDIA (Namaste India- in Polish: Dzień dobry Indie) the documentary film tells this unique story of compassion, love and friendship through some of the Valivade Polish survivors, who now live in various parts of the world.
A collaborative effort between Doordarshan (India’s National Broadcaster) and Polish Institute, New Delhi has enabled the documentary film for telecast on Saturday, 1st of August 2015 at 8.30 pm when Poland celebrates Warsaw Uprising. The Warsaw Uprising of 1944 was a major heroic struggle undertaken by the Polish resistance during II World War to liberate Warsaw from Nazi/German occupation.

Post Production Director/s and Script:
Under the Guidance of Nadoja Dr. Mahesh Joshi, Addl. Director General, Doordarshan. Manoj Mathur (Doordarshan) & Anu Radha (AAKAAR FILMS), Executive Producer of “A Little Poland in India.”
Editing & Special Effects: Rajesh Kumar (Doordarshan)
Music: Dr. Hab.Maria Pomianowska (Artistic Director) Poland & Doordarshan
Cinematography: Doordarshan Kendra Delhi, Mumbai & Pune, Bartek Łuszcz (London), Anu Radha (Poland)