Celebrating 100th anniversary of Poland’s “Rebirth”

11th November 2018 is a significant milestone for Poland. It marks the 100th anniversary of the regaining of independence of the country. Since its independence in 1918, Poland has come a long way, and to celebrate this very special occasion, in Poland and across the world, many events are being organised. The animation film “Rebirth“, produced by the social movement Lech Kaczynski in association with the Polish National Foundation, is part of the centennial celebrations.

“Rebirth” is a story about the work of many generations of Poles—regaining Poland’s independence in 1918. Thanks to their patriotism, faith, courage, and love for their own culture, Poland managed to survive the 123 years of Partitions, as a nation. The film takes us on a journey through the imagination of a teenage girl, who spins her own interpretation of the history of the country.

The film also depicts the advances made by today’s Poland in different fields like science, arts, sports…”Rebirth” is not just about Poland’s past but its future, too, for the coming hundred years!

For more information, visit: http://www.rebirth-movie.com/