A Phoenix from the Ashes Exhibition



26 June-6 July 2018

Inauguration: 26 June, 5 pm
Open daily 27 June-6 July, 3 pm – 8 pm

Art Gallery, World Literature Center
17, Mymensingh Road, Banglamotor
Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh
The exhibition revisits one of the most critical chapters of Poland’s history, the destruction of the capital city of Warsaw by German troops and the inspiring reconstruction of the city after the Second World War.
The War, and the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 in particular, left the city with almost nothing to define its identity. As a result of ruthless German bombings in September 1939 and after the systematic wrecking of Warsaw on the personal orders of Hitler, including barbaric acts of killing Warsaw’s innocent dwellers by German troops, the beautiful capital of Poland was almost totally destroyed.
As a result, Warsaw in 1945 resembled a ghost town rather than what it once was – a vibrant and joyful city of beauty with a rich cultural and artistic life, and an important centre of politics and business in the heart of Europe. Warsaw, physically and materially, almost ceased to exist. But her soul was not conquered and just like the legendary Phoenix rising from the ashes, Warsaw was rebuilt and gradually brought back to life.
The exhibition is a graphic epitome of the strength, courage and solidarity of a nation and its people.
In collaboration with World Literature Center, Dhaka