2nd October 1944 – End of Warsaw Uprising

On 2nd of October the Home Army had to sign the capitulation act. For 63 days they were fighting and waiting for help from the West and the East. In vain.

After the Poles had started fights in the Capital on August 1st, Stalin whose armies were close to Warsaw issued an order to immediately cease further attacks towards Warsaw.
The Home Army command could either surrender to Stalin or fight a hopeless battle against the Soviet Union. They chose the third option, operation “Burza”, the Tempest, an armed uprising against the Germans. Its main aim was to demonstrate who was a representative of the sovereign state authorities in Poland.

But the fate of Poland was already decided by Allies in 1943 in Tehran when the Great Three, President of the US F.D. Roosevolt, premier of the UK W. Churchill and leader of the USSR Joseph Stalin, behind Poland’s back, jointly decided to “move” Polish borders to the west and grant the Soviet Union the same territories, which Stalin obtained as the result of the treaties with Hitler in 1939.(…) Poland against the will of the majority of its citizens, found itself on the communist side of the Iron Curtain for 45 years.

(Sources and courtesy of: “From to Victory 1939-1989”, Exhibition catalogue,Institut of National Remebrance 2014; “Poland in the defence of freedom 1939-1945” by W. Cygan and J. Skalski, Warsaw 2005).